Elvis Presley - Elvis Is Back LP Limited


On March 24th 1958, Elvis Presley entered the US Army until March 1960. Back in civilian life there was a lot of pressure on Elvis to come up with the goods - RCA had ordered an initial pressing of one millioncopies of his first 'comeback' single before the songs were even chosen, let alone recorded. There was a lot to prove when, in March 1960, he entered the RCA recording studio in Nashville and recorded the sessions that resulted in the Elvis Is Back album, which you now hold in your hand.Side One1. Make Me Know It2. Fever3. The Girl Of My Best Friend4. I Will Be Home Again5. Dirty, Dirty Feeling6. The Thrill Of Your LoveSide Two1. Soldier Boy2. Such A Night3. It Feels So Right4. The Girl Next Door Went A'Walking5. Like A Baby 6. Reconsider Baby

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