The White Stripes - The Complete John Peel Sessions 2-LP


LP 1 Side A:1. Lets Shake Hands2. When I Hear My Name3. Jolene4. Death Letter5. Cannon6. Astro/Jack the Ripper7. Hotel YorbaLP 1 Side B:1. Im Finding It Hard To Be A Gentleman2. Screwdriver3. Were Going to be Friends4. Youre Pretty Good Looking5. Boll Weevil6. Hello Operator7. Baby Blue Vol. IILP 2 Side A:1. Lord, Send Me An Angel2. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground3. I Think I Smell A Rat4. Lets Build a Home/Goin Back to Memphis5. Little Room6. The Union Forever7. The Same Boy Youve Always KnownLP 2 Side B:1. Look Me Over Closely2. Looking At You3. St. James Infirmary Blue4. Apple Blossom5. Do6. Rated X7. Jumble, Jumble8. Little People

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