Various Artists - Reggae Discovered 3 LP


3 Albums - 6 Artists.Bob MarleyLee PerryDennis BrownGregory IsaacsJohn HoltDave & Ansell CollinsTo many, Reggae and Jamaica are one and the same. Originating in the late 1960s, reggae evolved from ska and rocksteady music. Ska - also known as blue beat - emerged in the late 1950s and combined mento and calypso with American rhythm and blues and jazz. Rocksteady followed, emerging in the mid sixties and performed by Jamaican vocal harmony groups like the Paragons. There is some disagreement as to the origins of the name 'reggae'. However the accepted first use in song is in the 1968 album, Do The Reggay by Toots and the Maytals. These were the foundations of reggae music. Characterized by a heavy bass guitar sound, reggae music is instantly recognizable in the way that it accents the second and fourth beats in each bar. The characteristic percussive reggae 'heartbeat' draws on the tradition of African nyabingi drumming. Drumbeats vary across the genre and there are three main types. ...

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