Various Artists - The Music Of DC Comics : Volume 2 Beperkte Oplage


Tracklist 1 The Baby From Krypton Intro (From Superman Radio Show) 2 What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World (From Man Of Steel) 3 Superman Theme (From Ruby-Spears Superman) 4 Superman The Animated Series Theme 5 The Flying Sequence - Can You Read My Mind (Feat. Margo Kidder) 6 Fight Night (From Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice) 7 Batman Theme 8 Batman The Animated Series 9 The Ballad Of Batman (From Batman: The Brave And The Bold) 10 Batman And Robin: Batman Takes Over (Intro) 11 Why Do We Fall? (From Dark Knight Rises) 12 Christmas With The Joker - Jingle Bells Batman Smells 13 Joker Is Wild 14 Mischief (Harley Quinn's Theme) [From Infinite Crisis Videogame] 15 Lex Luthor's Lair 16 Penguin Makes Moves (From Gotham) 17 Penguin's Umbrella 18 Challenge Of The Superfriends 19 The Theme Of The Justice League Of America 20 Supergirl Theme 21 Robin's Theme 22 The Adventures Of Superpup 23 DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Theme 24 Metamorpho 25 Get Your Cape On 26 The Flash T...

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